What IS The Best Web Hosting In The UK?

Best UK Web HostBest Web Hosting UK – Best Web Site Hosting UK

I have done quite a lot of research before deciding on which companies I would recommend to you here on this UK web hosting page.

So, if you are looking for personal, reseller or business web hosting UK, you have come to the right place. I hope you will like my recommendations. If you do, it means there was some meaning to all those late nights of research :)

Best Web Site Hosting UK

Web site hosting in the UK is big business. Out of all the million web site hosts out there, I have chosen two UK web hosts that I will recommend to you here.

1. EZPZ Hosting (ezpzhosting.co.uk) is a UK web hosting company that many other web hosting owners and experts also recommend. Their servers feature RAID protected storage and excellent server-grade hardware.

EZPZ Hosting offer all kinds of web hosting services combined with fast customer support. Some of the types of hosting they offer are shared web hosting, managed and budget VPS hosting, dedicated server web hosting and they have great UK web hosting reseller program too.

Their Junior shared web hosting plan goes for £2.99/month if you pay month to month. If you feel like paying for one year up front, you will only pay £1.75/month. Their starter RESELLER web hosting plan goes for £11.99/month.

All the different web hosting types and plans have different prices and features. To see the details of their plans you can visit their website.

2. Nativespace (www.nativespace.co.uk) is another reliable and customer focused UK web hosting company based in London. This company was founded in 2001 and they have won many awards, for example the #1 Unix Hosting Award.

Nativespace also strives to be a ‘carbon neutral’ or green web hosting company by offsetting their server emissions.

Prices: Their basic shared web hosting plan goes for £3.11/month. Their basic RESELLER package goes for £15.56 per month.

For more information on this UK web hosting company, visit their website.

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